Jan/Feb 2012

High Maturity - The Payoff

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From the Sponsor
by Karl Rogers
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Do Not Get Out of Control: Achieving Real-time Quality and Performance
by Craig Hale and Mike Rowe
When lives are at risk if systems fail, it is critical to minimize defects through the best software engineering processes possible. High-maturity processes are valuable for delivering quality, mission-critical software and supporting overall project performance.
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High Maturity Pays Off: It is Hard to Believe Unless You Do It
by Girish Seshagiri
Is high maturity worth it? Yes, if executive management sponsors the long-term process improvement initiative with constancy of purpose and makes quality the number one goal.
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Why CMMI Maturity Level 5?
by Michael Campo
Most organizations that use the CMMI stop their process improvement journey at Maturity Level 3 or less. Yet, the CMMI high maturity processes offer the greatest potential for ROI.
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Taking an Agile Organization to Higher CMMI Maturity
by Paul E. McMahon
Many believe the CMMI and Agile methods are at odds. However, it is possible to take an Agile organization to CMMI Level 3 without jeopardizing its Agile approach including, the extension of Agile software concepts such as iterative development, daily standup meetings, frequent delivery, customer collaboration, and continual refinement of plan, to include systems engineering and project management.
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Extending the Range of Value of the CMMI To a New Normal
by Don O'Neill
Now that the CMMI has been organized into three constellations for assuring an organization’s capability to perform development, acquisition, and service, there is a need to extend the range of value of the CMMI to a new normal.
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DoD Agile Adoption: Necessary Considerations, Concerns, and Changes
by Mary Ann Lapham
Today's DoD acquisition environment relies on the DoD 5000 series of guidelines. Nothing in the DoD 5000 series precludes the use of Agile methods. In fact, Agile methods provide both tactical and strategic benefits. However, achieving these benefits is not likely to occur without changes to the traditional DoD mindset.
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by David A. Cook,
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