Jan/Feb 2013

Software Project Management - Lessons Learned

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From the Sponsor
by Justin T. Hill
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Applying the Fundamentals of Quality to Software Acquisition
by Steve Bygren, Greg Carrier, Tom Maher, Patrick Maurer, David Smiley, Rick Spiewak, and Christine Sweed
If we want to improve the quality of our software, a Quality in Depth approach is needed—introducing quality related measures at every stage of software acquisition.
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Quality Attributes: Architecting Systems to Meet Customer Expectations
by Paul R. Croll
Using quality attributes as a mechanism for making objective decisions about architectural tradeoffs can provide reasonably accurate predictions about how well candidate architectures will meet customer expectations.
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The Whole Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Understanding and Managing Emergent Behavior in Complex Systems
by Dean M. Morris and Kevin MacG. Adams, Ph.D.
The application of systems theory to software is becoming increasingly important as systems become more complex.
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Developing a Model for Simplified Higher Level Sensor Fusion
by Mike Engle, Shahram Sarkani, and Thomas Mazzuchi
Mulitsensor data fusion has been researched for decades yet programs relying on it to provide a situational, or threat, assessment continue to be less than successful.
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Basing Earned Value on Technical Performance
by Paul Solomon
EVM can become an effective program management tool if contractors revised their processes and reports to integrate technical performance with cost and schedule performance.
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Core Estimating Concepts
by William Roetzheim
Understanding the core estimating concepts will help you understand any of the currently available estimating tools and provide you with the framework you need when building new models for your particular problem domains.
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Statistical Tune-Up of the Peer Review Engine to Reduce Escapes
by Tom Lienhard
A theory of detecting the defects as close to the injection point as possible thus reducing the cost and schedule impact.
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by David A. Cook,
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