Jan/Feb 2014

Legacy System Software Sustainment

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by Karl G. Rogers
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Identifying Trustworthiness Deficit in Legacy Systems Using the NFR Approach
by Nary Subramanian, Steven Drager, and William McKeever
How do we systematically identify deficit in trustworthiness in existing systems so that they may be re-engineered with trustworthiness as a priority?
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Second Generation Product Line Engineering Takes Hold in the DoD
by Paul Clements, Susan P. Gregg, Charles Krueger, Jeremy Lanman, Jorge Rivera, Rick Scharadin, James T. Shepherd, and Andrew J. Winkler
Product line engineering is a well-established engineering discipline that provides an efficient way to build and maintain portfolios of systems that share common features and capabilities.
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Modeling Software Sustainment
by Robert Ferguson, Mike Phillips and Sarah Sheard
An SEI research initiative is developing a model that shows the results of various investment decisions, allowing decision makers to see the effects and make adjustments before problems occur.
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Using Combinatorial Testing to Reduce Software Rework
by Redge Bartholomew
In developing many safety-critical, embedded systems, rework to fix software defects detected late in the test phase is the largest single cause of cost overrun and schedule delay.
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Addressing Software Sustainment Challenges for the DoD
by Michael McLendon, Bill Scherlis and Douglas C. Schmidt
As DoD systems continue to age it is increas¬ingly important to create more efficient and effective approaches to sustain¬ing and advancing the competitive edge that software pro¬vides.
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Software Sustainment—Now and Future
by Mary Ann Lapham
Today’s systems are increasingly reliant on software that must be sustained into the future.
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by David A. Cook,
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