Jan/Feb 2016

Software - A People Product

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From the Sponsor
by Richard L. Burnett
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Increasing Collaboration By The Minute
by Alistair Cockburn
It is possible for individual people in a collaborative session to directly affect the mood for collaboration for better or for worse, minute by minute.
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The Capability Conundrum: Creating Constructs for Unleashing the Power and Potential of Your Most Important Resource
by Jonathan Powell
How can we improve innovation, training, and motivation when it comes to human capital?
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The Tragedy of the Commons: Establishing a Strategic Project Management Office (PMO)
by Peter D. Morris
Establishing and maintaining a strategic project office will help facilitate and maintain the corporate transformation to a new level of efficiency, productivity, quality and commitment to excellence.
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Breakdown Model: A Disruptive Software Development Lifecycle for Fault Tolerant Software Systems
by Vaibhav Prakash and Danny Sunderesan
Only when we understand all possible failure scenarios can we truly understand how to build software which is resistant to failure in each phase of the development lifecycle.
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Re-Using Open Source Software in Your Software Delivery
by Karen McRitchie and Rick Spiewak
Reuse of software presents both potential cost and schedule savings and corresponding risks to both cost and schedule.
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Better Reliability Verification in Open-Source Software Using Efficient Test Cases
by Patrick Pape and Drew Hamilton
The primary issues with integrating open-source software into a system is that more often than not the developmental methods cannot be verified and the software is already in a post-release version.
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Driving Secure Software Initiatives Using FISMA: Issues and Opportunities
by Robin Gandhi, Keesha Crosby, Harvey Siy, and Sayonnha Mandal
A method to classify security controls based on dimensions relevant to secure software.
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by David A. Cook,
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