Jan/Feb 2017

Software’s Greatest Hits and Misses

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From the Sponsor
by Tracy Stauder
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Ada: A Failure That Never Happened
By David Cook and Eugene Bingue
Ada’s death and failure never occurred. It was — and is — one of the better successes the DoD has produced.
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A Comparison of Medical Diagnoses and Software Problem Diagnoses
By Capers Jones
Medical diagnoses are based on a number of quantitative measures and known values. Diagnosing software problems should also use quantitative data. However, software engineering has close to zero knowledge about the ranges and boundaries of quantitative results that differentiate healthy projects from unhealthy projects.
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Ada - 20 Years After the Mandate
by Drew Hamilton and Patrick Pape
If the interoperability and, particularly, the cybersecurity challenges of the 21st century had been foreseen in the mid-‘90s, perhaps DoD policymakers would have looked at Ada in a different light. Ada changed the conversation about defense software engineering and promoted correctness, reliability, security, interoperability and architecture, among other contributions.
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A Retrospective View of the Laws of Software Engineering
by Capers Jones
Software development is now more than 60 years of age. A number of interesting laws and observations have been created by software engineering researchers and by some academics. This short paper summarizes these laws and makes observations about the data and facts that underlie them.
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Open Forum: Why Agile Projects Sometimes Fail
by Gerald Weinberg
If you want to succeed with an Agile approach, you need more than magic rituals. Not only that, you need to avoid several rather common mistakes that lead to failure.
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Scrum is Simple
By Dick Carlson
A brief historical background and includes the basic concepts of Scrum.
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Generating Actionable Information for Classifier Assessment
By Earl Eiland and Lorie Leibrock
What constitutes actionable information regarding a classifier’s effect on mission capability, maps some commonly seen measures to these needs, and recommends a means of maximizing the actionable information generated in classifier evaluations.
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by David A. Cook,
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