January/February 2011

Data Mining

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Sponsor's Note
by Karl Rogers
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Interview with Dr. Randall Jensen
Cost estimation guru, Dr. Randall Jensen, gives his insight into tightening up project parameters.
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Data Mining for Process Improvement
by Paul Below
Data mining techniques can be used to filter many variables to a vital few to build or improve predictive models. Specific examples are provided in four categories: classification, regression, clustering, and association.
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Demystifying Cloud Computing
by Qusay F. Hassan
Is transitioning to the cloud right for your organization? What are the challenges involved with a cloud computing migration? A look at the pros, cons, terminologies of, and alternatives to cloud computing.
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A Comparison of Parametric Software Estimation Models Using Real Project Data
by George Stark
Researchers and practitioners of software metrics have developed models to help project managers and system engineers produce estimates of project effort, duration, and quality.
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by Gary Petersen
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Web Exclusive
Design Point: An Empirical Approach for Estimating Design Effort
Abstract. In this paper, we present an extension to Function Point estimation, Design Point, conceived to estimate size and productivity of design phase for software development projects executed by Infosys. This approach is based on capturing functional and non-functional requirements, identifying design sensitive parameters influencing the design phase, and deriving design size for any development project. An empirical validation and refinement of model (identification of design sensitive parameters and degree of influence for each for the parameters) has been performed to test the hypothesis over a large number of projects in different stages of execution.
by Srinivasan Venkataraman, Pratip Sengupta, Amit Patni, and Bibhash Saha
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