Jul/Aug 2017 

Model-based Testing

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From the Sponsor
by Michael Jennings
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Testing in O&M: Software Does Not Wear Out, It Degrades
By Jon Hagar
This article briefly defines verification, validation and testing; outlines testing activities during operations and management, and concludes with the impact of test automation.
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Software Estimates that Work
By Louis M. Taff
We propose a three-pronged approach for initial estimating of large new projects for systems and software development organizations that have experienced resource problems. The process itself will generally be unique to each organization and its particular culture, projects, circumstances, people, etc.
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Principles of Software Testing
By Theresa Lynn Sanderfer Brown
There is a myth that if we were really good at programming, there would be no bugs to catch. This is not true. In this paper, I will discuss fundamentals of software testing that expel some of these myths. I will then discuss some specific software testing techniques.
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Combining Agile Practices with CMMI Process Areas: A Case Study
By Dick Carlson and Earl Soukup
This case study details how a large enterprise-level program used Agile methods, including Scrum, and implemented the capability maturity model integration (CMMI) at the same time.
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Using Contracts to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks
By C. Warren Axelrod
We identify cybersecurity risks inherent in developed and acquired software products as well as software-related service issues and describe how to mitigate these risks through contractual terms and conditions. Finally, we will discuss the conditions that may affect agreed-upon contracts.
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Integration of Big Data: Misconceptions, Problems, and Needed Capabilities
By J. Johnson, J. Folger, T. Stevens and T. Malyuta
Based on our experience and interactions with both customers and vendors, we discuss here the common misconceptions about Big Data integration and cloud technologies, analyze problems that need to be addressed, and suggest capabilities of the solutions.
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Getting to Understand Some of the Operations and Maintenance Drivers of Cost
By Jonathan W. Powell
This article will look at specific cost drivers, including licensing, design and documentation, replenishment planning, data collection, and impacts of the operational environment. It will then look at tools to reduce cost and improve availability.
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by David A. Cook,
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