July/Aug 2011

Management Practices for Quality Products

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From the Sponsor
by Jeffrey Schwalb
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Tribute to Watts Humphrey
CrossTalk Staff
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Quantitative Project Management Framework via Integrating Six Sigma and PSP/TSP
by Sejun Kim, Okjoo Choi, and Jongmoon Baik
Using this framework, software engineers and project managers can quantitatively manage software projects for improving processes by applying Six Sigma in conjunction with PSP/TSP.
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Driving Major Change: The Balance Between Methods and People
by David M. Moore, Portia Crowe, and Robert Cloutier
The challenges of implementing an innovative and collaborative environment in the context of scaling an agile system engineering method to a large combined effort.
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Power and Influence Charting: The Google Way
by Sharon Berrett and Troy Hiltbrand
The success or failure of a project may be charted in the initiation phase. Therefore, initiation is arguably the most important phase of any project.
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Product Thinking in Process Improvement
by Terry Leip
Key decisions ranging from high level strategies to the deployment of improvements can become much simpler when we view the approach of our process improvement work in the same way we would for the development of more conventional software products.
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Software Estimation: Developing an Accurate, Reliable Method
by Bob Sinclair, Chris Rickets, and Brad Hodgins
From a management perspective, it is essential that software estimates used in a TSP launch are as accurate as possible. A software team that uses both proxy-based and size-based estimates is able to accurately plan, launch, and execute on schedule.
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Challenges in Deploying Static Analysis Tools
by Piyush Jain, DTV Ramakrishna Rao, and Sathyanand Balan
There are many challenges facing static analysis tool deployments. Although static analysis tools have some weaknesses, the main challenge stems from people. Whether the tool deployment succeeds or fails depends on the people behind it.
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Open Forum
by David P. Quinn
Tailoring’s Last Name Is Not Out.
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by David A. Cook
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