July/Aug 2012

The End of the PC

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by Justin T. Hill
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The PC is Dead—Long Live the PC: Making Computing More Personal
by Dean A. Klein
Is the PC really dead, or are advances in technology simply allowing the PC to morph into something new and even more exciting?
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Software Doctrine for Fixed-Price Contracting
by Don O'Neill
The DoD faces austerity challenges and needs to ensure that defense indus- try senior executives are committed to meeting these challenges. Consequent- ly, there is a need for a software doctrine for large-scale, software-intensive systems development on fixed-price contracts.
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Uncovering Weaknesses in Code With Cyclomatic Path Analysis
by Thomas J. McCabe Sr., Thomas J. McCabe Jr., and Lance Fiondella
Today, software plays an increasingly important role in the infrastructure of government agencies. These entities outsource and use open-source software within their critical infrastructure; however, the origins and security characteristics of this code are rarely certified.
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Efficient Methods for Interoperability Testing Using Event Sequences
by D. Richard Kuhn, James M. Higdon, James F. Lawrence, Raghu N. Kacker, and Yu Lei
Many software testing problems involve sequences of events. Using combinatorial methods makes it possible to test sequences of events using significantly fewer tests than previous procedures.
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Building Confidence in the Quality and Reliability of Critical Software
by Jay Abraham and Jon Friedman
Formal methods-based software verification and testing approaches applied to critical software projects in civil and military aerospace and defense projects.
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Process Performance: Words of Wisdom
by Dale Childs and Paul Kimmerly
To understand how the use of process performance measures affect an organization, it is good to look back at some words of wisdom related to the concepts behind the use of performance measures and results.
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by David A. Cook,
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