July/Aug 2013

25th Anniversary Issue

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From the Sponsor
by Karl Rogers
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CrossTalk and Software—Past, Present and Future: A Twenty-Five Year Perspective
by David A. Cook, Ph.D.
As CrossTalk celebrates its 25th anniversary, it is educational to see how much software has changed and evolved over the lifetime of CrossTalk.
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A Twenty-Five Year Perspective
by Karen Mercedes Goertzel
Only in the past quarter century have efforts to understand and address the root causes of system security vulnerabilities evolved and coalesced into systematic efforts to improve software security assurance across government and leading industry sectors.
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Is Something Missing from Project Management?
by Walt Lipke
The literature, the training, professional meetings, and conferences do not commit proportionate energy to methods and techniques to prepare project managers for monitoring and reporting performance.
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A New Software Metric to Complement Function Points: The Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP)
by Charley Tichenor
IFPUG has recently completed a successful beta test of a new method to assess the size of nonfunctional requirements, which when used in conjunction with function points should further increase the accuracy of software forecasting.
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Improving Affordability: Separating Research from Development and from Design in Complex Programs
by Bohdan W. Oppenheim
Defense programs creating physical systems should clearly separate three developmental phases from each other: research, development and design.
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Efficiencies of Virtualization in Test and Evaluation
by Elfriede Dustin and Tim Schauer
Using automated testing in a virtual test environment can reduce the time and effort required to complete test execution and data analysis, significantly reduce test suite costs, and at the same time increase the thoroughness of system testing.
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by David A. Cook,
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