Mar/Apr 2016

Cyber Workforce Issues

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From the Sponsor
by Greg Touhill
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Addressing Narrowing Cyber Workforce Gaps with Intrusion Detection and Response Automation
by Dr. Peter Fonash and Dr. Thomas Longstaff
Cybersecurity threats continue to expand and the need to increase our cyber workforce across the public and private sectors is exceeding our current capacity to educate and train cybersecurity professionals.
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People-driven Process-enabled Software Development: A 21st Century Imperative
by Azad M. Madni
In the 21st century, software will continue to grow in a sociotechnical ecosystem comprising customers, end users, developers, maintainers, testers, and other stakeholders.
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Developer Training: Recognizing the Problems and Closing the Gaps
by Mike Lyman
Problems with the way we have historically trained developers, and continue to do so, gets in the way of learning to do secure development.
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Building and Operating a Software Security Awareness and Role-Based Training Program
by Mark S. Merkow
Today's application software developers are encouraged (and rewarded) by developing lots of code quickly but are usually not provided the adequate time and skills to build it with security and quality as top of mind requirements.
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Strategic Human Resource Management of Government Defense R&D Organizations
by Kadir Alpaslan Demir, Ph.D.
Reformulating the sustainable growth rate metric to account for R&D experience within government R&D organizations.
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PixelCAPTCHA: A Unicode Based CAPTCHA Scheme
by Gursev Singh Kalra
A new visual CAPTCHA scheme leverages the 64K Unicode code points from the Basic Multilingual Plane (plane 0) to construct CAPTCHAs that can be solved with 2 to 4 mouse clicks.
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by David A. Cook,
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