Mar/April 2015

Test and Diagnostics

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From the Publisher
by Justin T. Hill
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Portable Automated Test Station: Using Engineering-Design Partnerships to Replace Obsolete Test Systems
by Benjamin Chase
The PATS-70 is a robust, flightline qualified test set that has gone through rigorous environmental testing.
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Metamorphic Runtime Checking of Applications Without Test Oracles
by Jonathan Bell, Christian Murphy and Gail Kaiser
For some applications, it is impossible or impractical to know what the correct output should be for an arbitrary input, making testing difficult.
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Dealing With the Time Crunch in Software Testing
by Randall W. Rice
No matter how much time you have, it is not enough time to test all functions and combinations of functions in most software.
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Combinatorial Coverage as an Aspect of Test Quality
by D. Richard Kuhn, Raghu N. Kacker and Yu Lei
There are relatively few good methods for evaluating test set quality, after ensuring basic requirements traceability.
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Metrics That Matter in Software Integration Testing Labs
by Christian Hagen, Steven Hurt and Andrew Williams
Without having in place data-driven metrics that give a holistic business perspective of software integration testing laboratories, leaders of the DoD's weapons programs are unable to optimize the performance of these full-system and subsystem integration labs that test and certify integrated hardware and software of the U.S. military’s complex systems.
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Silverlining: A Simulator to Forecast Cost and Performance in the Cloud
by Lawrence Chung, Nary Subramanian, Thomas Hill and Grace Park
It is difficult for CIOs to accurately estimate cloud cost and performance in a fast and inexpensive manner.
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Fuzz Testing for Software Assurance
by Vadim Okun and Elizabeth Fong
Multiple techniques and tools, including static analysis and testing, should be used for software assurance.
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by David A. Cook,
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