March/April 2012

Securing a Mobile World

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From the Sponsor
by Roberta "Bobbie" Stempfley
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iPhone Malware Paradigm
by Aditya K. Sood and Richard J. Enbody
The sphere of malware attacks is expanding to engulf the compact world of smartphones.
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A Practical Approach to Securing and Managing Smart Devices
by Sajay Rai, Philip Chukwuma and Richard Cozart
A 10-step plan to manage what is proving to be the weakest link in most organizations’ security programs—smart devices like iPads, iPhones and Android phones.
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Mobile Applications Security: Safeguarding Data in a Mobile Device World
by Sean C. Mitchem, Sandra G. Dykes, Ph.D., Stephen W. Cook, and John G. Whipple
With the proliferation of mobile devices in today’s information-rich environment, the security of data at rest on the device and in transit will determine the ultimate usability of mobile devices in the defense environment.
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Engaging the Community: Strategies for Software Assurance Curricula Outreach
by Carol A. Sledge, Ph.D.
Engaging a knowledgeable team of educators to develop curricula, courses, and other materials for the discipline of software assurance will achieve more secure and better functioning software systems, regardless of their origins, application domain, or operational environments.
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The PC Evolution and Diaspora
by James A. Sena, Ph.D.
A study of the evolution and diaspora of the PC using Innovation Diffusion Technology as a framework to categorized it from multiple perspectives.
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New ISO/IEC Technical Report describes Vulnerabilities in Programming Languages
by James W. Moore, John Benito, and Larry Wagoner
A recent joint technical report from two major international standards bodies identifies classes of vulnerabilities in programming languages.
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Supply Chain Risk Management: Understanding Vulnerabilities in Code You Buy, Build, or Integrate
by Paul R. Croll
Managing software risk in the supply chain is in large part about discovering and understanding the vulnerabilities that might exist in code that you might buy as standalone applications or integrate into other systems or products.
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by David A. Cook,
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