March/April 2013

Supply Chain Risk Management

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by Roberta Stempfley
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We Cannot Blindly Reap the Benefits of a Globalized ICT Supply Chain!
by Don Davidson and Stephanie Shankles
While many areas of ICT Supply Chain Risk Management are making great strides to combat their individual challenges, it is imperative for successful enterprise risk management to view the challenge holistically and align common best practices.
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Managing Risk in the Software Supply Chain through Software Code Governance
by Kristin Brennan
Organizations are turning to third-party software suppliers including outsourced teams, partners and open source to develop applications.
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How International Standard Efforts Help Address Challenges in Today’s Global ICT Marketplace
by Stephanie Shankles, Michele Moss, Jed Pickel, and Nadya Bartol
Identifying and mitigating risks involves looking beyond your organization and understanding and managing risks caused by the lack of visibility in the ICT supply chain.
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Open Source and the Software Supply Chain: A Look at Risks vs. Rewards
by Wayne Jackson
The growing reliance on components as core building blocks for modern application development has ushered in new risks for the software supply chain.
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Advancing SCRM with Standardized Inspection Technology
by Roger Stewart
Technology exists today that can make a huge improvement minimizing risk along the supply chains and improve delivery of secure, high-quality products, on time and within budget.
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Building a Body of Knowledge for ICT Supply Chain Risk Management
by Dan Shoemaker, Ph.D. and Nancy R. Mead, Ph.D.
The increasing trend toward building systems out of purchased parts just enhances the importance of getting the acquisition of ICT components right.
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Ensuring Your Development Processes Meet Today’s Cyber Challenges
by Mary Beth Chrissis, Dr. Mike Konrad, and Michele Moss
While security in the physical world can be addressed using controls such as guns, gates, and guards, the virtual world requires other mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of products and services.
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Software ID Tags Support Better Cyber Security
by Steve Klos and John Richardson
Software tags provide the fundamental building blocks required for building a resilient cyber security ecosystem.
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by David A. Cook,
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