May/Jun 2014

The Immutable Laws of Software Development

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From the Sponsor
by Jeff Schwalb
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Collecting Large Biometric Datasets
by Delores M. Etter, Jennifer Webb, and John Howard
The lessons and best practices that have become required operating procedure in software development groups can often be applied outside the immediate field of software engineering.
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The Problem of Prolific Process
by Phillip Glen Armour
What is the optimal amount and level of detail for predefined and documented (and enforced) process for systems development?
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Acquisition Archetypes: The Hidden Laws of Software-Intensive Development Programs
by William E. Novak and Andrew P. Moore
Many of the behaviors and adverse outcomes that we see in software-intensive programs are the result of misaligned incentives.
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Combating the Inevitable Aging of Software Developers
by Robert Ball, David Cook, and Michael Pickard
One of the immutable laws of software evolution is that the developers, along with the software, require sustainment.
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Programming Will Never Be Obsolete
by Andrew Mellinger
The creativity of software developers will always be needed to solve problems of the future and to then translate those solutions into executable form.
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Identifying Good Independent Variables for Program Control
by Bob McCann
How to pick a good control variable from a set of variables derivable from a model.
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If It Passes Test, It Must Be OK
by Girish Seshagiri
Common Misconceptions and the Immutable Laws of Software.
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by David A. Cook,
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