May/Jun 2016

Integration and Interoperability

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From the Sponsor
by Jeff Schwalb
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Continuous Integration in the Cloud: Improving Cost, Schedule and Technical Performance
by Elfriede Dustin and Kevin Caldwell
Program Managers need to continue to seek ways to improve cost, schedules and technical performance.
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The State of Security Vulnerabilities in SCADA Human Machine Interface (HMI) Components
by Aditya K. Sood
Inherent design flaws and vulnerabilities that allow attackers to take control of SCADA systems.
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DevOps Advantages for Testing: Increasing Quality through Continuous Delivery
by Gene Gotimer and Thomas Stiehm
DevOps and continuous delivery can improve software quality and reduce risk by offering opportunities for testing and some non-obvious benefits to the software development cycle.
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They Know Your Weaknesses – Do You?: Reintroducing Common Weakness Enumeration
by Yan Wu, Yaacov Yesha, and Irena Bojanova
Knowing what makes your software systems vulnerable to attacks is critical, as software vulnerabilities hurt security, reliability, and availability of the system as a whole.
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An Alternate Approach to Avionic Software: KISS
by Gerry Tyra
Driven by customer perceptions of cost, there is a recurring drive in the avionics community to provide overarching software frameworks.
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Joint Radio Manager Enhances Service Interoperability
by Dean Nathans, Dan Preissman, and Alan Gebele
With the maturity of tactical networking waveforms comes the need to consolidate the planning and management of these waveforms into a joint management system.
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Enterprise Systems Integration using Collapsing Design Structure Matrices
by John M Colombi, Michael P. Kretser, Jeff Ogden, and Paul Hartman
Using Collapsing Design Structure Matrices (C-DSMs) to identify and develop cost-effective systems integration plans.
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by David A. Cook,
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