May/June 2012

Rapid and Agile Stability

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From the Sponsor
by Joan Johnson
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Individual Effort Estimating: Not Just for Teams Anymore
by Russell Thackston and David A. Umphress
Truly viable software—mobile device apps, services, components—are being written by one-person teams, thus demonstrating the need for engineering discipline at the individual level.
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Applying Scrum to Stabilize Systems Engineering Execution
by Richard Carlson, Philip J. Matuzic, and Robert L. Simons
Scrum is an agile project management method that uses simple practices to enable stability for the execution of systems engineering activities and the development of requisite systems engineering work products throughout the product development lifecycle.
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Architecting for Sustainable Software Delivery
by Ronald J. Koontz and Robert L. Nord
With increasing emphasis on avionics system rapid development and reduced cycle times, software architecting practices can be applied with agility to en- hance evolving stakeholder concerns while sustaining long-term business goals.
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Architectural Tactics to Support Rapid and Agile Stability
by Felix Bachmann, Robert L. Nord, and Ipek Ozkaya
Three tactics that support rapid and agile stability include aligning feature- based development and system decomposition, creating an architectural runway, and using matrix teams.
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Optimized Project Management of Systems and Software Projects
by Denton Tarbet
Successful software projects demonstrate good project management methods incorporating modern processes and effective utilization of metrics. With the application of feedback control theory to the management decision process, future project control decisions result in changes that improve performance of the project process.
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Business Process Management Field Guide
by D.B. Robi
As more technologies such as SOA, web services, collaboration, social net- working, and hand held devices are adopted and deployed, typically through IT departments, the full benefits and return on the investments cannot be realized until the supported business processes are updated and modified to leverage and exploit these new technologies.
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by David A. Cook,
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