May/June 2013

Large Scale Agile

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From the Sponsor
by Mark Stockmyer
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A Lean Approach to Scheduling Systems Engineering Resources
by Dr. Richard Turner
Integrated master schedules serve a critical purpose in coordinating system development but they can fail to provide the flexibility and visibility required for strategic decision making.
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Scaling Agile Development
by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde
Large and multisite product development with large-scale scrum.
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Uncomfortable With Agile
by Andy Hunt
The original intent behind the agile software development movement and its goals have become diluted over the past decade.
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Architecting for Large Scale Agile Software Development: A Risk-Driven Approach
by Ipek Ozkaya, Michael Gagliardi and Robert L. Nord
Focusing on two agile architecting methods that provide rapid feedback on the state of agile team support: architecture-centric risk factors for adoption of agile development at scale and incremental architecture evaluations.
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Function Points, Use Case Points, Story Points: Observations From a Case Study
by Joe Schofield, Alan W. Armentrout, and Regina M. Trujillo
Software development success, estimation, and measured value continue to challenge projects and organizations today.
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International Systems and Software Engineering Standards for Very Small Entities
by Claude Y. Laporte, Rory V. O'Connor and Gauthier Fanmuy
Very Small Entities developing systems or software are very important to the military since the components they develop are often integrated into products made by larger organizations.
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by David A. Cook,
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