May/June 2015

What is a Software Engineer?

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From the Sponsor
by Bradley T. Hodgins
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Software Engineering and the Persistent Pursuit of Software Quality
by Paul D. Nielsen
Software engineering continually seeks to achieve software quality, as the field keeps pace with the changing role of software.
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Enough Software Processes, Let's Do Patterns!
by Paul E. McMahon
A more effective approach when implementing defined processes is to focus on patterns.
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The Impact of Contextual Factors on the Security of Code
by Dan Shoemaker, Ph.D. and Carol Woody, Ph.D.
Non-technical decisions made in policy, acquisition, governance, resources, processes, and every other aspect of managing software have a direct impact on the resulting operational security.
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Open Forum: What is a Software Engineer?
by Al Kaniss
Software Engineering is exponentially more complex than cobbling code together which satisfies a functional requirement.
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Is Software Engineering Really Engineering?
by Lawrence Peters
Software engineering may be the prototype of a new form of engineering dealing in the realm of logic as it is applied to functionality to benefit mankind.
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SISE: A Novel Approach to Individual Effort Estimation
by Russell Thackston and David Umphress
The SISE estimation model presents a novel alternative to PSP’s PROBE by combining expert judgment with empirical data to create reasonably accurate predictions.
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The Effectiveness Formula
by Dr. Randall W. Jensen
The Effectiveness Formula is based on three development attributes of success: communication, management effectiveness, and technology.
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Open Forum: Meeting Cancelled!
by Akbar Khan
The old proverb, as originally recorded in Benjamin Franklin’s Farmer’s Almanac, states that "a rotten apple spoils the barrel."
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by David A. Cook,
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