Nov/Dec 2011

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From the Publisher
by Justin Hill
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Give the Stakeholders What They Want: Design Peer Reviews the ATAM Style
by Felix Bachmann
Looking at the results of many past ATAM evaluations, it becomes apparent that some mechanism is needed to better guide the architecture design process. Many ATAM evaluations show major issues with the system that could have been avoided with the right design approach.
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Deployment Optimization for Embedded Flight Avionics Systems
by Brian Dougherty, Douglas C. Schmidt, Jules White, Russell Kegley, and Jonathan Preston
Intelligent algorithms can be used to refine system deployments to reduce system cost and resource requirements, such as memory and processor utilization.
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Free and Open Source Software Use: Benefits and Compliance Obligations
by Philip Koltun
Many systems developed for and deployed by the U.S. government now use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). But FOSS use comes with potential license obligations. Essential compliance activities include identification of FOSS used in products along with communication of a FOSS bill of materials; review and approval of planned FOSS use; and satisfaction of license obligations.
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Netcentric Proxies for On-Orbit Sensors
by Craig A. Lee and Samuel D. Gasster
Proxies can provide support for security, policy enforcement, reliability, mediation, power, performance, and operational management. Proxies can also support information assurance by providing a means to enforce the separation of system components based on security policy and practices.
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Utilizing Design of Experiments to Reduce IT System Testing Cost
by Kedar M. Phadke and Madhav S. Phadke
Utilizing Orthogonal Arrays (OA) for system and software testing will significantly reduce cost, schedule and risk. For the aerospace and defense industries, OA testing will help address the current environment of tighter budgets and schedules while ensuring end users promised performance.
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Software Architecture: Theory and Practice
by Michael Tarullo
There is often a gap between widely accepted software engineering theory and practice. This is also true for the concept of software architecture. While the concept of software architecture has been in existence for quite some time, there is still a great deal of confusion over just what software architecture actually is.
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Defect Management Using Depth of Inspection and the Inspection Performance Metric
by T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair and Suma. V.
Advancement in fundamental engineering aspects of software development enables IT enterprises to develop a more cost effective and better quality product through aptly organized defect management strategies.
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by Kasey Thompson
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