Nov/Dec 2013

Real-Time Information Assurance

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From the Sponsor
by Felipe Jauregui
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Agile IA: Integrating Information Assurance into Agile and Rapid Technology Development
by Kathy McGinn, Monica Nelson and Dale Daigle
Collaboration, continuous monitoring, and leveraging automated testing for formal validation.
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Disciplined Agile Delivery: The Foundation for Scaling Agile
by Scott W. Ambler and Mark Lines
Using the DAD process decision framework for scaling agile development.
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Security Architecture Approaches
by Sarah Pramanik
The choice of architecture methodology can increase or diminish efficiency. It is necessary to understand which methodology provides the most effective approach.
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Secure DoD Software: Considerations for the Vulnerability Market
by Major Bradley C. Panton, John M. Colombi, Ph.D., Michael R. Grimaila, Ph.D., and Robert F. Mills, Ph.D.
Through use of the vulnerability market, DoD will ensure information security is built into the application, minimize the number of distributed patches, and optimize investment in defense programs.
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It Is Not Too Late for Software Assurance!
by Robert A. Voitle, Jr., Arthur J. Boote, and James "Woody" Woodworth
Real-time IA focuses on mitigating attacks while within that hostile environment but can be greatly aided by Software Assurance practices regardless of where an application is in its lifecycle.
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Effective Approaches for Delivering Affordable Military Software
by Christian Hagen, Steven Hurt, and Jeff Sorenson
As the U.S. military shifts its focus from metal and mechanics to developing and integrating control systems, delivering advanced software-enabled systems affordably will become a vital success factor.
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Integrated Circuit Security Threats and Hardware Assurance Countermeasures
by Karen Mercedes Goertzel
Too often, software and system developers take the quality of computer hardware for granted.
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by David A. Cook,
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