Nov/Dec 2014

Software Engineering Tools and the Processes They Support

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From the Sponsor
by Al Kaniss
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Through These Fields of Destruction: The Tools versus Process Wars
by Jitka West and Michael West
Technology and process are not opponents, they are allies which, when joined under a shared vision and mission, can significantly help workers do their jobs better and faster.
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Evolving Postmortems as Teams Evolve Through TxP
by Brad Hodgins
TxP was created by NAVAIR to help non-software teams define their own customized team processes, similar to the TSP process enjoyed by software teams.
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21st Century Cybersecurity Challenges, Comments, Solutions, and Path Forward
by Dr. Bahador Ghahramani
Cloud Computing will be the driving force that permits a user to communicate personal and work related activities securely through connections to servers operated by Cloud Computing sources.
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Static Analysis Tools Pass the Quals
by Yannick Moy
Submitting a system to certification involves demonstrating, with a degree of confidence commensurate with the system’s criticality, that it meets its requirements completely and correctly.
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Soft Locking Down the Software Development Environment
by Madeline Wright and Dr. Carl Mueller
Software development is a business, and it is reasonable to assume both developers and customers want systems that are protected because there will always be attempts to gain access to software and the data/information residing in the computer systems.
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Static Analysis is not enough: The Role of Architecture and Design in Software Assurance
by Walter Houser
By their very nature, architectural and design flaws are difficult to find via static analysis.
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A Software Requirement Tool for Capturing Implied Security Requirements
by Annette Tetmeyer and Hossein Saiedian
While expressing software requirements and needs, many clients, especially the non-technical ones, will indirectly imply concerns and expectations that are security related.
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Open Forum: Enhance the Team Status Meeting
by David Saint-Amand
After years of practice, NAVAIR found that a few small changes to the way the agenda is presented enhanced the effectiveness of their team meetings.
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by David A. Cook,
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