Nov/Dec 2016

Beyond the Agile Manifesto

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From the Sponsor
by Jeff Schwalb
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The Heart of Agile
By Alistair Cockburn
Agile has become overly decorated. The remedy is simple: collaborate, deliver, reflect, improve. These four imperatives, already sufficient, 
expand to cover the complexities of modern development.
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From the Trenches: Improving the Scrum Daily Standup Meeting
By Dick Carlson
Among the most important work sessions in "scrum" is the scrum daily standup meeting. This meeting, which must be held every working day in order to be effective, is critical for team members to communicate their work commitments to each other.
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The ORDERED Process for Improving Agile Engineering Outcomes
by Dr. Brian Gallagher, Dr. Kenneth Nidiffer, and Dr. Ronald Sega
The use of operational risk identification and mitigation techniques during the engineering process to determine whether an increased focus would have a positive effect on project outcomes.
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A Comparison of Commercial and Defense Software
by Capers Jones
Both commercial software and defense software are major industries with vast economic importance and also major importance to U.S. national security. However, differences in process have led to very different kinds of development practices and to very different productivity rates.
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A New Agile Paradigm for Mission Critical Software Development
By Angelo Messina, Franco Fiore, Mario Ruggiero, Paulo Ciancarini, and Daniel Russo
In mission- and security-critical organizations, traditional Agile methodologies are quite ineffective because they do not clearly address issues of quality and security. a new Agile methodology was introduced to tackle quality and security issues in a classified and mission-critical context.
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Beyond the Agile Manifesto: Epoch of the Team
By Chris Alexander
Agile systems provide processes surrounding how work is done but do not address how team members interact in working together. Beyond process, training and developing teams into high performance will define the best organizations.
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by David A. Cook,
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Open Forum
by The CMMI Institute,
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