November/December 2010

Architecture Today

Publisher's Note
by Kasey Thompson
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Interview with Grady Booch
Software engineering legend Grady Booch shares his thoughts on open-source principles, systems engineering, and the evolution of UML.
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Just Enough Architecture: The Risk-Driven Model
by George Fairbanks
The Risk-Driven Model avoids the extremes of complete architecture documentation vs. complete architecture avoidance by encouraging developers to prioritize risks then choose appropriate architecture techniques to mitigate those risks.
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Enabling Agility Through Architecture
by Nanette Brown, Robert Nord, and Ipek Ozkaya
Amongst all the enthusiasm for using Agile practices, the critical role of the underlying architecture is often overlooked. Enhancement Agility is only possible when coupled with Architectural Agility.
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The Chief Software Architect in U.S. Army Acquisition
by Stephen Blanchette, Jr. and John Bergey
The Army is focused on developing the software architecture skills of its acquisition workforce and building awareness of architecture-centric practices among its leadership.
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XDDS: A Scalable Guard-Agnostic Cross Domain Discovery Service
by Michael Atighetchi, Joe Loyall, Jonathan Webb, and Michael J. Mayhew
The XDDS prototype demonstrated in this project enables a necessary but previously unavailable capability helping to address a number of challenges grounded in the inherent mismatch between core SOA principles.
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Service Incentive: Towards an SOA-Friendly Acquisition Process
by James T. Hennig and Arlene F. Minkiewicz

As SOA evolves within the DoD, acquisition culture needs to shift to enable collaborative behavior that will provide solution synergy. The DoD will benefit by getting the most value out of services contracted for particular programs.
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Global Workforce Development Projects in Software Engineering
by Art Pyster, Mark Ardis, Dennis Frailey, David Olwell, and Alice Squires
The development of a high-performance systems and software engineering workforce in a world of increasing complexity requires a foundation of authoritative knowledge and guidance in systems and software.
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by David A. Cook
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Web Feature: Agile Integration of Complex Systems
by Wayne O'Brien and Raimund Merkert
Agile Integration provides the edge user increased flexibility during mission execution, both directly by selecting the resources needed for the mission based on the situation during mission execution, and indirectly by releasing resources not needed to a contingency pool, increasing the likelihood of having additional resources available across multiple missions.
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