Sep/Oct 2012

Resilient Cyber Ecosystems

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From the Sponsor
by Mark Weatherford
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The End of the Machine Age
by Colin Williams and Tim Watson
We will fail to comprehend the essential nature of the cyber domain if we continue to think of it as a technical or engineering system.
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Challenges To A Trustworthy Cyber Ecosystems
by Ian Bryant and Jasvinder Mahrra
It is vital that intrinsic challenges to cyberspace—and software—are recognised and treated such that a trustworthy cyber ecosystem can be formed.
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Systems Thinking for a Secure Digital World
by William D. Miller
We must learn to think systemically to seek advantage, or at least maintain parity over adversarial threats, as our infrastructure becomes more complexly integrated.
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Identifying Cyber Ecosystem Security Capabilities
by Peter M. Fonash, Ph.D.
Strengthening the security and resilience of the cyber ecosystem requires reducing the number of vulnerabilities and the ability to automatically mitigate attack methodologies.
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Defining Proactive Software Assurance Practices for Healthier Cyber Ecosystems
by Brian Badillo and Marc Abrams
Distributed security in cyberspace can be performed using many real-time components, from intrusion detection systems to incident management systems. However, these components are reactive rather than proactive.
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Recovery-based Resilient Cyber Ecosystem
by Ajay Nagarajan and Arun Sood
Intrusion tolerance is an approach that treats intrusions as inevitable and shifts the focus from detection and prevention to containing losses and rapid recovery.
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Cyber Mission Resilience: Mission Assurance in the Cyber Ecosystem
by Chris Peake, Al Underbrink, and Dr. Andrew Potter
The focus on mission resilience extends the scope of past security practices while simultaneously honing in on mission-critical systems, networks, and processes.
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by David A. Cook,
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