Sep/Oct 2014

Acquisition of Software-Reliant Capabilities

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From the Publisher
by Justin T. Hill
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Using Concept Maps to Introduce Software Security Assurance Cases
by Dallas Snider, John Coffey, Thomas Reichherzer, Norman Wilde, Chris Terry, Joe Vandeville, Allison Heinen, and Sarah Pramanik
To improve the security of software systems, we need to improve the software development processes used to produce them.
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Evaluating Software Assurance Knowledge and Competency of Acquisition Professionals
by Dan Shoemaker and Nancy R. Mead
As the potential for highly destructive cyberattacks grows, organizations must ensure that their procurement agents acquire high quality, secure software.
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Evaluating Security Risks Using Mission Threads
by Carol Woody, Ph.D., and Christopher Alberts
Using mission threads to connect desired operational capability to the underlying technology for analysis of system and software qualities such as security.
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The Necessity of Intended Use Specification for Successful Modeling and Simulation of a System-of-Systems
by Charles H. Piersall III, P.E. and Frank Grange Ph.D.
Informal and casual consideration of Intended Use in Modeling and Simulation practice can pose programmatic risks in acquisition.
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Software Assurance, Trustworthiness, and Rigor
by Don O'Neill
Trustworthiness requires a commitment to rigor in both software production and its verification. No soft skill, rigor has a hard edge.
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N-Version Architectural Framework for Application Security Automation (NVASA)
by Majid Malaika, Suku Nair, and Frank Coyle
Detecting and preventing attacks through an application security framework that uses the N-Version programming methodology.
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Acquisition Anonymous
by Paul Kimmerly
A proactive twelve-step program for government acquisition.
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Forecasting from Defect Signals
by Paul Below
On large software development and acquisition Programs, testing phases typically extend over many months. It is important to forecast the quality of the software at that future time when the schedule calls for testing to be complete.
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Agile Surveillance Points: An Alternative to Milestone Reviews
by Dick Carlson
An approach to using surveillance points throughout a project lifecycle as the basis for technical interchange meetings.
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by David A. Cook,
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