Sep/Oct 2015

Supply Chain Assurance

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From the Sponsor
by Joe Jarzombek
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Towards Supply Chain Information Integrity Preservation
by Rasib Khan, Md Munirul Haque, and Ragib Hasan
In supply chains, it is important to preserve the integrity of a product as it is travels through the channel of distribution and is delivered to the final consumer.
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Software and Hardware Assurance
by Tom Hurt and Ray Shanahan
Keeping DoD hardware and software technology secure is more critical than ever.
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Premature Allocation of Program Requirements to Suppliers
by Bohdan W. Oppenheim
A discussion of the difficulties of formulating stable requirements early in complex engineering programs, and the severe consequences on program execution.
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From DIACAP to RMF: A Clear Path to a New Framework
by Major Henry R. Salmans III, Andrew C. Tebbe, and William J. Witbrod
What does transition from DIACAP to RMF mean to Marine Corps Information Assurance and the DoD community at large?
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Model-Based Engineering for Supply Chain Risk Management
by Dan Shoemaker, Ph.D. and Carol Woody, Ph.D.
Expanded use of commercial components has increased the complexity of system assurance verification.
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NASA's Approach to Software Assurance
by Martha Wetherholt
NASA's implementation of this approach to the quality, safety, reliability, security and verification and validation of software is brought together in one discipline, software assurance.
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Software Security Assurance: SOUP to NUTS
by Dr. C. Warren Axelrod
The ability to assess risks of and from specific software supply chains depends in large part on the amount, accuracy and availability of essential information.
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They Know Your Weaknesses – Do You?: Reintroducing Common Weakness Enumeration
by Yan Wu, Irena Bojanova, and Yaacov Yesha
Knowing what makes your software systems vulnerable to attacks is critical, as software vulnerabilities hurt security, reliability, and availability of the system as a whole.
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by David A. Cook,
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