Sep/Oct 2016

Supply Chain Risks in Critical Infrastructure

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From the Sponsor
by Joe Jarzombek
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Minimizing the Risk of Litigation: Problems Noted in Breach of Contract Litigation
by Capers Jones
Much of the software literature deals with “best practices.” This article concentrates on “worst practices,” or the factors that most often lead to software failure and litigation.
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The Measurement of Software Maintenance and Sustainment: Positive Influences and Unintended Consequences
by Rob Ashmore and Mike Standish
It is well understood that measurement influences behavior. However, when applied to complex human systems that are involved in software maintenance and sustainment, the inappropriate use of metrics can have negative unintended consequences.
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Towards a better software project manager
by Lawrence Peters
This article examines the role software project managers play in the development of software systems, explains why this has been largely overlooked, and proposes that the practice of software project management has always been and continues to be critical to the success of software projects today and into the future.
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Legal Liability for Bad Software
by Karen Goertzel
This article focuses on lawsuits as a recourse for purchasers of defective COTS software — particularly safety-critical COTS software and software-controlled systems.
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Durability Challenges in Software Engineering
by Rajeev Kumar, Suhel Khan, and Raees Khan
To be able to develop durable software cost-effectively, developers must investigate the connection between durability characteristics and software.
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by David A. Cook,
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