Sept/Oct 2011

Protecting Against Predatory Practices

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From the Sponsor
by Roberta Stempfley
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Cyber Espionage: Defending Against The Digital Cloak and Dagger Stealing Information Securely, Privately, and Deniably
by Jay Bavisi
Offensive computing is seeing a logical path of evolution where various methodologies converge into something that often functions outside the scope of the individual methods themselves, hitting us with attack vectors we barely understand, let alone for which we have a solid defense.
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Protecting Software Intellectual Property Against Counterfeiting and Piracy
by Karen Mercedes Goertzel
Software counterfeiting and piracy are problems of global proportions that violate the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of software developers and vendors, and thus threaten their market viability.
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Software Diversity for Future Systems Security
by Abdelouahed Gherbi, Robert Charpentier, and Mario Couture
One security-weakening factor is related to the standardized software ecosystem that facilitates the spread of malware in systems that share common vulnerabilities.
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Creating Attack-Aware Software Applications with Real-Time Defenses
by Colin Watson, Michael Coates, John Melton, and Dennis Groves
Attack-aware software applications provide attack detection and real-time defensive response with a very low false-positive rate allowing an application to detect and neutralize a threat before the attacker exploits a known or unknown vulnerability.
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Creating Data from Applications for Detecting Stealth Attacks
by C. Warren Axelrod, Ph.D.
A reason for security professionals not seeming able to protect against the rapidly changing threat environment and sophisticated attacks is that they often don’t have available the necessary application security data for detecting and responding to such increasingly stealthy attacks.
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Developmental Automated Testing and Software Technical Risk Assessments
by Brad Neal
Testing continues to represent the single largest cost associated with the development of sophisticated, software intensive, military systems.
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Cyber Strategy, Analytics, and Tradeoffs
by Don O'Neill
A framework of cyber tactics is suggested in terms of intended function and input and output semantics for each tactic including anticipation, detection, attribution, and counter measures.
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by David A. Cook
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