Sept/Oct 2013

Securing The Cloud

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From the Sponsor
by Roberta Stempfley
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What Does the Future Hold for Cloud Computing?
by David Zage, Dustin Franklin, and Vincent Urias
The topic of cloud computing continues to generate significant interest among information technology and government decision makers even as they hesitate to adopt cloud solutions due to security concerns.
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The Art of Cyber Bank Robbery: Stealing Your Money Through Insidious Attacks
by Aditya K. Sood and Richard J. Enbody
Cyber criminals are using advanced attacks to exploit online banking systems and services to covertly steal money.
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Digital Forensics in the Cloud
by Shams Zawoad and Ragib Hasan
Today's cloud computing architectures often lack support for computer forensic investigations.
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User-Centric Identity Management: A Future Vision for IdM
by Marc Novakouski
Identity management is the complex and constantly evolving practice of identifying individuals and controlling their access to a network and connected resources.
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Building a Resilient Service-Oriented Architecture Environment
by Quyen L. Nguyen and Arun Sood
Using Self-Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance to build an SOA environment that is resilient in the face of hostile attacks.
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Applying Software Assurance Concepts to the Cloud
by Randall Brooks and John Whited
Developers must understand their attack surface and threat environment to ensure that they have focused on “building security into” their applications.
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Cloud Shifts the Burden of Security to Development
by Arthur Hicken
Engineers are extremely well poised to perform tasks critical for securing applications if certain key obstacles are overcome.
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The Active Shooter System
by LTC Phillip G. Burns
The proposed Logical Active Shooter System is a referential architecture that guides the securing of data as DoD migrates to a Joint Information Environment.
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by David A. Cook,
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