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January/February – Software’s Greatest Hit’s and Misses:

CrossTalk takes an historical perspective by exploring the greatest projects, tools, technologies, languages, and processes to ever grace the software development world-as well as those that did not quite live up to their billing. CrossTalk will accept articles discussing why some elements of software engineering have stood the test of time. Such articles will provide factual statistics regarding how each has proven its worth and what improvements were made because of its usage. Contrarily, CrossTalk will also accept articles sharing fact-based reasons some software development elements never quite did what was expected, did not make the change that was promised, or were simply just a flash in the pan.


March/April 2017: Process Improvement Best Practices: Modern Process Trends

 Submission Deadline: Oct 10, 2016

The implementation of effective processes solutions or highlight the evolution of current processes in response to new and emerging methods, technologies and lifecycles.

•  Use of Business Process Models for automated flows.

•  Adaptation of process to industry trends, such as Agile Development.

•  Architectural solutions utilizing processes for systems of systems.

•  Evolution of CMMI-Dev, PSP/TSP best practices in unique settings and workloads.

•  Utilization of service models (ITIL, CMMI-SVC) for exceptional service delivery.

•  Implementation of Lean concepts for illustrating proven efficiencies in production or services.

May/June 2017:  Operations & Maintenance:

O&M comprises about 80% of system cost, yet many analyses during system acquisition ignore this phase.  Typical questions might be: 

•  How is the architecture influenced by license cost?

•  How does software design and documentation influence maintenance cost?

•  How does the replenishment plan influence hardware cost?

•  How does data collected during operations influence future service level agreements, and sparing?

•  How do we account for the operational environment in estimating the O&M cost?

•  What tools should be used during operations to reduce cost, improve availability or both?

•  Should bright young engineers be assigned to O&M (for educational purposes)?

Submission Deadline: Dec 10, 2016  


July/August 2017:  Model Based Testing

What models exist?  What are best practices?   Many models are executable (e.g. statecharts) and as such, serve as a rapid prototype for event driven systems. Also, when requirements are expressed as an executable model, it is usually an easy step to derive system test cases.

Submission Deadline: Feb 10, 2017


September/October: Software Release Management

Reader Suggestion.  “It would be nice to see how others are handling software configuration mangement or release management; the evoloution of these processes; what is working or not; what processes seem to be coming out on top; what are the best processes while also being cost effective.”

Submission Deadline: Apr 10, 2017 

November/December 2017: The Profession

Reader Suggestion: Delves into determining exactly what Software Engineering is and unanswered questions that currently exist.

•  Is Software Engineering (SE) a profession - if so, what makes it a profession?

•  Are SE professionals recognized equally in all industry sectors and in all continents and countries?

•  Would licensing of (SE) professionals improve delivery and quality, or should we just accept the status quo?Who would benefit and who would lose out?

•  Who should legislate and manage the SE profession - and would it be safe in the hands of other engineering disciplines (EE, MechE)?

Submission Deadline: Jun 10, 2017