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July/August 2017:  Model Based Testing

What models exist?  What are best practices?   Many models are executable (e.g. statecharts) and as such, serve as a rapid prototype for event driven systems. Also, when requirements are expressed as an executable model, it is usually an easy step to derive system test cases.

Submission Deadline: Feb 10, 2017


September/October 2017: Software Release Management

Reader Suggestion.  “It would be nice to see how others are handling software configuration mangement or release management; the evoloution of these processes; what is working or not; what processes seem to be coming out on top; what are the best processes while also being cost effective.”

Submission Deadline: Apr 10, 2017 


November/December 2017: The Profession

Reader Suggestion: Delves into determining exactly what Software Engineering is and unanswered questions that currently exist.

•  Is Software Engineering (SE) a profession - if so, what makes it a profession?

•  Are SE professionals recognized equally in all industry sectors and in all continents and countries?

•  Would licensing of (SE) professionals improve delivery and quality, or should we just accept the status quo?Who would benefit and who would lose out?

•  Who should legislate and manage the SE profession - and would it be safe in the hands of other engineering disciplines (EE, MechE)?

Submission Deadline: Jun 10, 2017


January/February 2018:  Software Architecture

Submission Deadline: Aug 10, 2017


March/April 2018:  Cyber Defense Practices

Submission Deadline: Oct 10, 2017


May/June 2018:  TBD

Submission Deadline: Oct 10, 2017


July/August 2018:  30th Anniversary Issue

Submission Deadline: Feb 10, 2018